Individual Support

Salutem has a diverse range of individual support programs that can be accessed by employees to maximise their long term recovery. These programs are carefully designed to provide people with access to therapeutically trained professionals who will help them become productive members of your team. Our 1-2-1 coaching and online programs can be the cornerstone of recovery.

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Addiction Consultant

Salutem has over 50 years combined experience in helping people find the most appropriate solution to their behavioural health challenges and will help you navigate unchartered territories with compassion to reach the desired outcome.

Treatement Advisory Service

With our time working in the beahavioural health market we have fomed many stategic partnerships with treatment centres across the globe. We can provide you with insight and knowledge when it comes to choosing the most appropriate treatment facility.


For employees that are struggling to come to terms with their behavioral health challenges or are unaware of the destructive consequences their illness is having on those around them then our intervention services will be appropriate. We take the person on a journey of self acceptance and help them reach a point of understanding their condition and finally accepting the help we are offering them.

Sober Companions

Sober Companions are there to accompany people that require 1-2-1 support on their journey of recovery. They can travel globally with clients ensuring that they remain sober in any environment. Salutem are uniquely experienced to provide gender specific staff for both of these scenarios. By providing you with a fully trained Sober Companion we accompany our clients wherever required, to ensure they maintain their sobriety and good health.

Sober Coaching One-on-One

Providing 1-2-1 coaching programs for employees is an effective way to help support them into long term recovery. Coaching programs are usually delivered in conjuection with a home study program to provide the tools and platform for long term recovery from alcohol and drug dependency.

Sober Coaching Home Study

By engaging with a Sober Coaching home study program the probability of long term recovery is increased dramatically. It takes a client on a journey of self discovery and enables them to access the tools for a self sufficient program of recovery.