Press Release : Introducing Salutem Health

Salutem Health ( has been created by Ian Young, the Founder of Sober Services, to improve Workplace Behavioural Health.

Many professionals struggle with stress, dependency and various other issues in a workplace.

Through their work in Sober Services, Salutem Health identified a need to provide specialised consultation, training and advisory services to organisations to address this requirement.

The aims of Salutem Health are to support identification, prevention and education for employers and employees, on behavioural issues in the workplace. This extends to supporting active case management, and where appropriate and agreed with the employer, making a seamless referral to specialists where further treatment is required to aid recovery.

People experience highs and lows for many reasons, at all levels of their professional careers.

For your organisation and long-term growth, your employees are the greatest asset you have. Your employees are your best investment, so ultimately it is a necessity to ensure the staff’s wellbeing is a priority.

Salutem Health specialise in Workplace Behavioural Health, providing bespoke and tailored solutions and expertise to businesses that are wishing to educate, rehabilitate and support staff members that are challenged with behavioural health conditions, such as:

– Stress-related illness
– Depression and anxiety
– Substance misuse
– Alcohol related challenges
– Eating disorders
– Gambling addiction / Inappropriate risk taking
– Other dependencies which affect the workplace

They have a team of global specialists that are well positioned to assist and support organisations and employees, removing risks and reducing costs, whilst improving outcomes for all concerned.

Salutem Health design and deliver programs for Team Members, Line Managers and Directors, and can help create a culture of wellness and high performance, leading to happy and engaged employees.

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    Online Wellbeing Assessments, Stress Risk Audit, and Drug and Alcohol testing (swab testing)

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    Alcohol and Drug Policy consulting, Action Planning, Active Case Management and Specialist HR support, Referral to appropriate Specialist Intervention and Treatment options

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    Line Manager Training, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, Stress Management, Mental Health First Aid, Gambling Addiction

Salutem Health can help.

Our primary purpose is to help your organisation and your people understand behavioural health conditions and guide employees to a place of management, recovery and happiness, whilst supporting your business outcomes. With the right training, support and intervention, Salutem Health help your people and your organisation to flourish together.

Please contact us using the form below for any enquiries regarding Behavioural Health policies, training, workshops and bespoke programmes for your organisation – all enquiries will be dealt with in strict confidence