Staff Assessments

Salutem provides online staff assessments of Workplace Behavioural Health for Individuals. This can help employers to identify and protect employees at risk and put in place proactive and preventative measures to ensure their heath and wellbeing. We utilise new knowledge on the science of assessment provided through our in house team of psychologists and behavioural health specialists. Our assessments are specifically created to generate informative data that can be easily analysed by our clients.

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It is important that businesses understand their employees in order to ensure a happy, healthy and productive workplace. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you understand and measure your employee wellbeing.

Online Behavioural Health Assessment

In order to evaluate employee, wellbeing we have devised a flexible online assessment program that can be individaully created. Utilising our in-house psychology and behavoural health expertise, we can create meaningful tailored assessment questions that are targeted to align with business outcomes, ensuring the correct data is captured, meaning we can design the right action plan for your business.

Behavioural Health Programmes

Working with the best in behavioural health, we can tailor programmes to fit in to your existing staff support arrangements, from supporting your EAP and Occupational Health teams, to running education and awareness campaigns, through to active case management. Our solutions are designed to work in partnership with your business values and objectives.

Alcohol and Drug testing

Workplace alcohol and drug testing doesn’t need to be complicated. We provide a simple process and national infrastructure to deliver testing services to employees across all industries. We apply some of the latest technology to deliver accurate readings, analytics and diagnostic reports to our clients in order to correctly case manage each employees case.