Training and Workshops

Knowledge is power, and that is the primary purpose of each of our training programs. Our informative training and workshop programs are designed to empower and educate employees to take charge of their personal health and provide a deep understanding of each specific behavioural health topic.

We design and deliver programs on all levels to meet an individual business’s needs, whatever industry, type and size you are including tailored programs for line managers and Directors.

If behavioural health remains a hidden problem it can become a costly and damaging force. By educating employees through interactive workshops they are much better placed to spot it and act accordingly to provide the necessary support before it becomes unmanageable.

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To understand how our innovative training and workshops can empower your employees and bring about positive change.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Our workshops and training programs to educate and empower employees on alcohol and substance dependency. This interactive workshop will provide a insight into addiction and help those in attendance understand how to recognise it in the workplace. To understand the potential physical, psychological and societal harm of these substances.

Behavioural Health Awareness

What is Behavioural Health and why does this matter for your business? We’ll help your organisatin recognise what works, and more importantly, how to improve your Workplace Behavioural Health. We’ll cover how to recognise the signs of an issue in the workplace, and help your organisation learn how to deal with situations in a calm, compassionate and effective manner.

Mental Health First Aid

This is achieved by training that can lead to the early intervention of mental wellbeing issues in staff, which in turn contributes to their continued attendance and performance. The training focuses on raising awareness and understanding around mental health and so reduces the stigma that surrounds this topic. The interactive workshops provide practical guidance and facilitates the creation of a “tool-kit” that can be used to better manage mental fitness in your workplace.